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As of first, we plan an online meeting where we get to know each other and discuss the project. All information will be provided to me in advance so that I can assess the scale of the project properly. What is important to you, what style do you aim for, and which potential buyers do you want to reach with your project are some of the answers I will seek during our first meeting. We will also discuss the timeline that needs to be followed so that you can achieve your goals in a timely manner.


Based on our initial conversation and the discussed scope of work, a first model wil be created where focus lies with composition and views. You will receive white model draft images allowing you to provide feedback on the overall  arrangement of elements.



Please gather the following in advance:

- Floor plans

- 2D Cad file and/or 3D model, preferably SketchUp

- Photos from the site (if available)

- Reference or moodboard

- Desired use of materials

- Time schedule



After agreeing upon the latter, it is time to bring life to your project.

Materials will be added and a life-like realism completes the image by rendering. Lighting and colour corrections will be applied to achieve the best results. From here on you are able to provide feedback to adjust the colour schematics when chosen in the contract.



The finished product will be delivered in 300 dpi, ensuring sharpness and quality.

This standard meets printing requirements and allows for versatile usage.

Please specify one or more of the following services when contacting:


designing logos, color schemes, and other visual elements to help real estate stand out and connect with it's target audience

Floor plans

Defining spaces and functions in sketch, offering a quick and easy understanding of layout

3D Interior DESIGN

Detailed design of any chosen room(s), focussing on form, function and materials, implemeted in a presentation with 3D images


A life-like presentation of design, meant to leave clients in awe. Speeding up the design and decision process

Contact now for captivating 3D-visualization, let's bring your vision to life.

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